Living (and writing about) the Law of Attraction!

I read a life-changing book last summer. I read it and then re-read it and then went back over it and highlighted some of my favorite quotes. It was called, Introvert Power, by Laurie Helgoe, Phd.

There is much to write on what I got out of that book but this morning I was reminded of the way she presented the concept of time. She speaks of  ‘giving’ time, rather than using it or spending it.

“Allow yourself to shift from feeling you have to race time, to feeling you have time – all the time in the world. And you will.”

This concept of time being abundant serves me very well. It’s helped me to relax and see life from a broader perspective, to know that everything works out, and that a feeling of  ‘gotta get it done!!’ only robs me of joy in the moment.

I read something more recently that ties in perfectly with this concept. I came across a wonderful little book called, A Passion for the Possible, by Jean Houston. In it, she offers some exercises to change our concept of time.

One is to imagine time as a yardstick (sorry a meter stick doesn’t work as well). Divide the stick into three equal segments: 12 inches for the past, 12 for the present, and 12 for the future.

Now in your imagination, shorten the past to 3 inches, shorten the future to 3 inches  and stretch the present to 30 inches. Now look around. Feel the expansion.

I did this and couldn’t believe how amazing it felt!. With my eyes closed, I was suddenly in a large room, and the walls were moving away from me. I started having fun with it and imagined myself doing cartwheels and shouting just to hear the echo. Another time I was in a wide open meadow and imagined all the details of the large open space.

The really cool thing is that when I do this exercise prior to writing, time truly seems to slow down – expand really, to give me more. I remember one morning, I had been writing away for quite some time and happened to look up at the clock, expecting it to be close to noon (based on what I felt I had accomplished). It was barely past ten!

I’ve tried it, too, when I’m enjoying a good book, watching a movie, walking in the park by my house. Stretching the time makes me more aware of the present moment, makes me feel in control of my world and allows me to feel more abundant in all good things!


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