Living (and writing about) the Law of Attraction!

Being in love…

What does it mean anyway?

We’ve been conditioned to associate the term, ‘in love,’ solely with romantic attachments―that fuzzy, warm feeling we have when everything is going well with our mate. That’s a wonderful place to be, but only if the other person feels the same. Unrequited love is to be pitied.

Or is it?

This view of love leaves us in a vulnerable state. If love can only feel good when given and received equally, then it is an illusive thing indeed!

On the other hand, what if being in love was a choice―one we make independent of others. What if being in love meant simply choosing to live in the vibration of love?

When you are focusing your attention on someone or something with a feeling of love or appreciation, then in that moment, you are in love. No one else has to reciprocate anything to allow you that pleasure.

Gazing at a sleeping infant, watching the sun set over a tranquil lake, or doing a good deed for a stranger, just because you can―all leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. They elevate your vibration to one of love.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like that more often?

Start right now; tell yourself, “I deserve to be in love today!” Then see what you can find to focus your loving attention on. Choose to love someone, not to get anything in return, but simply because it feels good to love. You don’t even have to act on it, although you may be inspired to.

And don’t exclude yourself. In fact, loving yourself is the best place to start.

Find that loving vibration and stay there as long as you can. Milk it. Revel in it.

Choose to be, ‘in love.’


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