Living (and writing about) the Law of Attraction!

Town along the northern coast of the Mediterranean

This has been an unforgettable trip. We’ve been in eight countries in three weeks: We started and ended in Canada, fell in love with Italy, saw bits of Croatia, Greece and Turkey on our cruise, ended our holiday with three days in Nice, France, included a day trip to Monaco and experienced a teeny bit of Germany (okay, so it was just the two hours we spent at the Frankfurt airport, but that still counts).

I’m sooo ready to go home now, though—to sleep in my own bed, to turn on the TV and watch a english channel, to surf the internet without watching the clock or pulling my hair out because it’s so slow, to enjoy a leisurely  chai lattè at Starbucks, to wear clothes that aren’t wrinkled, to read a sign and know exactly what it’s telling me to do (or not to do), to drive in traffic that isn’t absolutely crazy…the list goes on. Just seeing Calgary on the departures board at the Frankfurt airport this afternoon warmed my heart. But I also have a treasury of wonderful memories and over a thousand digital photos (good ones – we already deleted the duds and duplicates as we went along).

A pretty waterfall in Nafplion, Greece

I have yet to process my thoughts about the trip as a whole. I’d wanted to wrap up this travel blog by sharing some profound wisdom that I gained along the way, but I think that will have to wait until my tired brain has a chance to recharge. Accomplishing that on this ten-hour plane ride seems unlikely, but a night’s sleep in my own bed tonight should do the trick. I’m on my way home!

Ron relaxing on the deck

Dining on the cruise


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