Living (and writing about) the Law of Attraction!

I love a fresh new start and January offers that. It’s a time to look ahead, to set intentions and make plans. If you listen to others, you’ll undoubtedly hear talk of New Year’s resolutions. The only thing is the talk fades out by mid February. Why is that??

Is it because our New Year’s resolutions are so hard to keep that after a month no one wants to chance bringing up their failed efforts? Does that mean we’re setting the bar too high? Are we being unrealistic?

I don’t think that’s it. I believe – and I say this from having observed my own efforts in past years – that the problem lies not in what we do (or fail to do) but how we think about what we do. I’m sure you’ve experienced it yourself. You’ve set the most realistic goal ever, laid out a strategy and a step-by-step plan to reach your goal and still failed miserably. Me, too!

I’ve been living and writing about the LAW OF ATTRACTION for several years now and I’ve noticed a trend: What started out as a simple message is gradually becoming more complicated. One of the criticisms I often hear about the LAW OF ATTRACTION teaching is that it’s ‘pie in the sky’ advice that offers no real method for achieving lasting change. It makes you feel good for a brief time and then leaves you wallowing in your unrealized dreams, feeling worse than you did before you started. Many teachers have started adding their own action plan to the simple teaching that says “What you think about expands.” There are now hundreds of books out there that will tell you how to manifest your dreams using the belief + action formula. But I don’t think that more action is what’s needed.

As I just mentioned, with New Year’s resolutions we do try. We want to change. We put in the effort, but come Valentines day, we’ve given up. Some admit defeat and laugh about it. Others get down on themselves and spend the rest of the year beating themselves up. There are the few that dig in and try even harder, but does that really work?

Abraham-Hicks is by far my favorite LOA teacher, and in the past they’ve offered many wonderful processes and techniques to help us line up with our desires. But in telling us what to do they were careful to add this disclaimer: “Don’t do it to get the manifestation, do it to feel better.” (Not a direct quotation), There-in lies our problem and the obvious solution!

Whenever change is our ultimate goal and we need that change to occur before we can feel better, we’re destined for failure. Abraham reminds us that the only reason we ever want anything is because we think that in the having of it, we’ll feel better. So why not make our goal to feel good? Why not reach for those better feeling places first?

If you listen to Abraham-Hicks latest workshops, you won’t hear too much about the processes anymore. Their teaching has evolved (as everything does) but it’s actually getting simpler – not more complicated. Their advice is simply to “get in the vortex (see definition below) and then…” What they’re saying is: find a way to feel better, do whatever it takes to raise your vibration and THEN…take whatever action you feel inspired to take.

So I’m posting it for the world to see. My New Year’s resolution for 2011 is to spend as much time as I can in the Vortex!! I want to be so acutely aware of my emotional guidence system that I can tell when I’m out of the vortex and do whatever it takes to get back in. It’s a win-win situation. By hanging out in the vortex, I get to feel good on a consistent basis, be the loving being that I really am, and the really cool part…everything I could ever want is already in there!

If you live in the Calgary area and would like to discuss this topic in a group setting, join me as I lead a LAW OF ATTRACTION discussion group. The first meeting will take place onTuesday January 25th, 7PM, at Self Connection Books located at #125, 4611 Bowness Rd. NW (in Montgomery)

See for more details

Abraham-Hicks definition of the vortex:

“Even though this Vortex that we speak of cannot be found on physical maps and is not indicated by physical signposts, it is a reality that exists just the same. It is your Vibrational Reality. You can tell when you enter your Vortex by the way you feel. You can tell by the way you feel when you exit your Vortex. In fact, your personal, precise Emotional Guidance System is the only effective road map or signpost to your Vortex. Your Vortex is a Vibrational haven where the frequencies are very high and without resistance. That is why it feels so good to you when you enter.”


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