Living (and writing about) the Law of Attraction!

I found a really good analogy recently that helps me to further understand the process of creation. First let me say that for whatever reason, I’ve been creating a series of things in my life that are so close, yet just out of reach. Understanding the Law of Attraction, I know that I am creating what I think about/focus on and obviously what I’m thinking about is the lack the things wanted, not the things themselves. I also know that when the desire is first launched, everything necessary for the fulfillment of that desire is contained within that thought. There is nothing more I need to do, but be open to receive it. Yada, yada, yada…that’s basic LOA 101.

So why do some things come so easily, and some remain elusive? Or so it seems.

I wrote in my last blog about embracing instability. That’s part of letting go, being open, allowing my desires to manifest without needing to control the details all the time. But the other day I got some insight on the desires themselves. I became aware that my desires were not feeling good to me. They were feeling like nuisances, like inconveniences. They were a constant reminder that I was not where I wanted to be, physically or emotionally.

I have a new puppy and like all new babies, she requires much care and attention, nurturing and the proper environment to grow and develop. The reason most people get a puppy is because they want a dog. They have a breed in mind and have likely done their research or know of others with that kind of dog. They know (hopefully) the joys and challenges a puppy can bring to their lives, but ultimately their goal is to have a well-trained, friendly, affectionate, full grown dog. That may be the ultimate goal, but puppies are so much fun! I’m so enjoying this stage.

Suddenly I was able to see my desires in the same way. When a desire is new, it is full of life and hope and possibility. It starts all warm and fuzzy and if I linger on it, it can take me to such heights. But often it isn’t long before, I get ‘back to my senses’ and start to see the desire as unrealistic, impossible, improbable, unlikely or at very least, a long, long way off. Why is that?

What if I was to nurture my desire like I do my new puppy? What if I played with it and tended to it and smiled every time I saw it in my minds eye? What if I was more patient with it when it didn’t respond as quickly as I would like. What if I understood that it is in the process of becoming and actually enjoyed the time I spent with it?

As I thought about this, the Law of  Attraction brought more thoughts like it. I saw my desires as eggs in a nest. I saw myself as the mother bird, flying here and there, looking all over for her young. (silly mother bird didn’t realize she had to sit on the eggs, keep them warm and protected, before they could hatch) Our desires, like eggs, need to be incubated. They need to be cared for in the right environment. For me that means limiting who and how many people I tell about my desires (protecting them from the scrutiny of others); offering them a positive environment (believing in them, trusting the Universe to fulfill them, holding on to the joy they brought me at the beginning and milking that feeling); realizing that the time it takes for  them to ‘hatch’ can be a time to be enjoyed.

So I’m looking at my desires in a new way. If I think back to when they were new, I can remember the warm fuzzies, the excitement of possibly that they contained. I can imagine tending to them with love and positive expectation. Like my new puppy, they have the potential to bring me so much joy!


Comments on: "My new puppy is teaching me about the Law of Attraction" (2)

  1. You are so right! Desire feels good up to a point ..then it starts to hurt .Enjoying the process is the key . Great insight Jeane . You are such a miracle in my life .thank you

  2. Great blog Jeane … well done.

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