Living (and writing about) the Law of Attraction!

My Greatest Good

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this little phrase. What is my greatest good anyway? Do I even know? I’m beginning to think I don’t. Not really.

Since I’ve been learning about the Law of Attraction and especially listening to Abraham-Hicks teachings, my desires have skyrocketed. If I had desires before (I know I did, cause we can’t avoid it) they were beaten down and disregarded, judged and filed away as frivolous thoughts. My religious upbringing and feelings of unworthiness played a big part in that.

But once I let myself dream…Wow! All those buried desires as well as many new ones sprang to life. It was fun for a while. Then when things I really wanted seemed to elude me for long periods, it became a source of frustration. Now I’m finding balance. Still allowing myself to enjoy the unfulfilled desires and finding contentment in what is.

So much has manifested in my life through deliberate focus, that I know this stuff works. But as I look back on how those desires came about, I’ve come to some conclusions that I think will serve me well going forward.

When I began dreaming on purpose, I followed all the “rules.” I made vision boards, kept a book of positive aspects, practiced appreciation, pasted affirmations all over my house, reached for better feeling thoughts…you know, all the wonderful stuff Abe teaches. And don’t get me wrong; I highly recommend those processes and still use many of them myself. But I love the simplicity of “Get in the Vortex…and then.” I’m recognizing those precious moments more and more now and milking them for all they’re worth.

But what I learned from doing all the processes is that the more I defined what I wanted, the more it seemed to elude me. I didn’t understand that. For example, I knew the kind of vehicle I wanted—the make, the model, the year, the color, all the interior and exterior features—I had it down. I kept a picture on my desktop and saw this vehicle everywhere I went. I held to this vision steadfastly, not willing to settle for anything less. I should also mention that as part of another desire (never to be in debt again), I wanted to own this vehicle free and clear, no financing. And I wanted it in my name.

When the year began I had no idea how this would come about. But in February, my mom, at 87, was ready to make her transition and generously left me a nice chunk of money. Thanks Mom! But when the money finally arrived in May, although it was enough to buy a new vehicle just as I had envisioned, I’d convinced myself that spending it all in one place was foolish (That was one of Mom’s favorite lines by the way. Whenever she gave me money, she said, “Don’t spend it all in one place.”) So I had my dream vehicle on hold at a Toyota dealership, and had decided that I would only put half down and finance the rest (through my husband, because being a stay at home mom, recently turned author, my credit wasn’t good enough) On the day the money arrived, however, I had an epiphany! What I was about to do was not in line with my desires at all. It just didn’t feel right.

To make a long story short, I got my red Rav4. It’s 2 years old, a sport model rather than a limited edition. It has leather seats (which I thought I didn’t want) and has no GPS, Blue tooth or multiple CD player. But you know what? It’s perfect!! It’s got low milage and it’s fully paid for (it cost half of what a new one would, so I have money left over for other fun stuff). This newer Sport edition has a hard cover on the back tire (that’s the look I like). Leather seats are so much more practical now that I have a dog. My new iPhone has a GPS app, can hold multiple Abe workshops and plays through my vehicles sound system. Blue-tooth is something I can easily add in the future.

Turns out my greater desire was to remain debt-free, to exercise my independence by buying a vehicle myself rather than relying on my husband (I love him dearly, but sometimes a girl’s just gotta do things for herself).

I feel like so many desires manifested that day and it made me see that if I’m not so rigid, the Universe can surprise and delight me! And then as if the Universe was winking at me, I discovered that the picture I had on my screensaver was actually a sport model, not the Limited Edition I thought I wanted, and I hadn’t even noticed.

I’ve seen my greatest good come to me in other ways as well. I’d planned a writing retreat as a gift to myself when this money arrived and again had all the specifics in mind and every detail was planned. A miscommunication left me with no place to stay at the last minute. Having just seen how the Universe worked, I took a deep breath and asked for my greatest good in this situation as well. The result was the most magical week in a beautiful little Inn right on the water, a top floor suite—self contained with spectacular views of the Gulf Islands, a family of eagles—one of which like to perch in the treetop outside my window, and a delicious week of uninterrupted writing like I’ve never experienced before.

So I’ve learned to allow my greatest good and I hope I can apply this to all my desires. The Universe knows so much better than I do what I really want!


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