Living (and writing about) the Law of Attraction!

Another successful move.

Two months ago when we made the decision to move, downsize and all that, we didn’t know where, or how the details would play out. It was fun taking that plunge and it definitely involved an element of trust I hadn’t experienced in a while. To sum up, we found the most adorable garden condo…so private and quiet, and despite the reduction in square footage, we actually have more space. Much more storage and the open concept gives us more entertaining room. Four bedrooms means we still have an office and a spare bedroom/meditation room. Our MB is larger and our son has his own room in the basement. When I walk around the grounds and see the immaculately tended flower beds and freshly cut grass, I’m so thankful I get to enjoy that without the work required.

The move itself went smoothly. We actually got to start moving in two weeks early. We had already pre-booked Shaw to set up phone/internet and thought we might have to do without it for a while (eeeegads!!) but the hook-up was still live here so we just plugged right in. We had a wonderful cleaning company do the final clean on the house and lots of help on moving day. I’m looking forward to meeting my neighbors and discovering the parks and pathways around here with Cassie.

So what did I learn from this?

I learned to trust my instincts more. This was the first place we came across (found it online) and although we couldn’t get in to see it right away, Ron and I both agreed it felt right and after seeing two other places in the same neighborhood, we were even more convinced we didn’t need to look any further.

I learned that I have a long-standing tendency to stress over things way too much, and knowing this I was able to take time out, just breathe deeply, walk the dog, go for a latte, etc and simply trust that everything always works out alright.

I learned that my inner being knows what I want/need better than I do, so I may as well trust and follow the guidance provided. It saves a lot of hassle. lol. It gets me to where I really want to be much faster and without the unnecessary road bumps that inevitably occur when I try to orchestrate things myself.

I’m excited about creating some great memories in our new home. It really feels as though a new chapter has begun (a fitting analogy for a writer. ha!)


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