Living (and writing about) the Law of Attraction!

One of my favorite quotes (author unknown) goes like this:

“If you always think what you always thought; You always get what you always got.”

It’s so true. If we don’t change our thinking, our circumstances will remain much the same. On my last blog, I wrote about thoughts that play on in our minds (much like a song you keep humming) and our ability to change those thoughts. I want to expand on that.

Over the years, I have been using and writing about a process called Moving up the Emotional Scale (Abraham-Hicks) and I’ve had much success with it. I can honestly say it brought me from daily depression to the joy I experience most of the time.

Now I’m thrilled to say that Abraham’s teaching has gotten even simpler, yet more profound. You rarely hear them talk about the emotional scale anymore. Their latest teaching (or process for getting in the vortex) is about thoughts being general or specific. It’s still a scale of sorts, but on one end of the scale you have specific negative thoughts and on the other end specific positive thoughts. In my mind it looks something like this:

The goal when you’re feeling negative about anything is to soothe those specific thoughts into a more general place. Focus on the feeling, the emotions, rather than the thoughts.

Here’s an example: You’re pissed off about some thoughtless remark your friend made. You stew about it; you replay the conversation in your head; you create new conversations in which you give her a piece of your mind and put her in her place. (You’ve temporarily forgotten that you create your own reality and that she is just a reflection of your own vibration in the moment. Instead you feel justified in your feelings.) You were wronged, after all. You’re adamant that she will have to make the first move and apologize.

But justified or not, you feel shitty and the longer you hold on to those emotions, the worse you feel.

The problem is you know too much to put up with those low emotions; you’re used to feeling good. You’ve been in the vortex and you know what an addictive place that is. You want to feel better, but as long as you keep thinking those specific negative thoughts, you’re stuck. You want to feel good again but you can’t. You know you should just forgive and forget, but it’s not that easy. What do you do?

Go general!

Focus on the feeling, not the incident that caused it. Say things like: I’m feeling hurt, disappointed, misunderstood, etc, and I deserve to feel better. I’m allowing this incident to be the reason I don’t feel good, but I know that ultimately my misery is because I’m not connected to my Source right now. My Source refuses to join me in these negative thoughts and it sucks to be separated, even a little bit, from who I really am.

Imagine dumping all those specific negative thoughts into a big pot and stirring until they’re all blended together.You’re no longer looking at the specific reasons for your misery. All you see/feel is a glump of negative emotion that’s separating you from who you really are and how you could be feeling.

From there, reach for some general positive thoughts like: I know this won’t last. I’ve felt this way before, many times, and I always bounce back. This is just contrast. It’s a good thing. I’m determining what I don’t want, so I know what I do want in my life. I’m creating my own reality and I truly believe that whatever comes to me is a direct result of the vibration I’m emitting. That’s a good thing, because I’m in control of my vibration. I get to choose what I think about! I get to decide how I feel!

Once you start to feel your vibration rise, you can begin to reach for some specific positive thoughts like: I know my friend sometimes says things without thinking. And sometimes she says hurtful things because she’s struggling with her own stuff. But I know that I overreact sometimes, too. She may not even be aware that she said anything to upset me. If I mention this, we’ll probably have a good laugh over it. I’ll just tell her I was using her for a little while as an excuse to feel bad. I just needed some contrast, an excuse to bounce down, so I could bounce back up again. I really do appreciate her. She’s open and honest and speaks her mind and we can be real with each other. I like that about her. She has so many positive qualities and my life is so much richer because she’s in it.

I’ve been using this process for a few weeks now and I can’t believe how easy it is to apply. It literally takes minutes to go from specific negative to general positive. If your goal is to feel better (to be in the vortex) then no matter what the subject, you can get there.

Stop blaming. Stop justifying why you feel bad. You only ever feel bad because you’re choosing to think a thought that your Source won’t think. Period! 

You deserve to feel good. Change the way you think and see what happens. Let 2012 be your best year yet. Happy New Year!!


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