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Expanding TIme

I’ve recently rediscovered a very empowering technique. I call it EXPANDING TIME

The idea came from a book I read two years ago. The problem is I was reading so many self-help books at the time, I honestly can’t remember which one I got this from. I’m fairly certain it was from the book A Passion for the Possible by Jean Houston (but don’t quote me on that).

Anyway the premise is that time is an illusion, a measurement we use to define our experience in this “time/space” reality. And we can change our perception of it thereby creating more. Here’s how it works:

Use an image (such as a ruler) to represent a period of time. Visualize the ruler in your mind until you can see it clearly (if it helps take an actual ruler and stare at it for a few seconds and then close your eyes and try to hold the image there). Then tell yourself that this ruler represents a period of time – say the amount of time you’ve allotted to work on a certain project (preferably not something you loathe doing). In your mind expand the ruler, stretch it until it becomes a yard stick (or meter stick). Then begin your project paying no attention to time. If your mind wants to think about time, go back to the image and stretch the ruler again.

This works so well for me. I saw results right away. I’d been working on my book and for some reason was frustrated,  feeling like I was not completing nearly as much as I’d like in my morning writing sessions. I remembered this technique I’d learned and decided to apply it. I stretched the ruler in my mind (and should mention here that I ‘felt’ the expansion. Visualization is not effective unless accompanied by positive emotion. I was having fun with the image, but I played with it in my mind until I could feel the relief of having created more time). When I finally looked at the clock after what felt like two hours, I saw that I had been writing for only 50 minutes and I had accomplished as much or more than my usual two-hour sessions! It felt magical at the time, but now that I apply it regularly it has become my normal. lol

I soon began to question if I could apply this wonderful feeling of expansion to other areas of my life. Of course the answer was YES! I rarely have to visualize the ruler anymore. I can reach for the feeling of expansion anytime (I’ve practiced it so much) and apply it to whatever I’m currently thinking about. Since I’m such a visual thinker I often add images to help me expand in that direction.

I’m now using this technique in the following ways:

RELATIONSHIPS: I have a lot of people in my life, a lot of acquaintances. I tend to be  a very private person, an introvert and as an author who writes at home, I can easily become a hermit. I’ve been wanting to cultivate more close friendships with like-minded people, but I realized I was closing myself off and keeping away the very thing I wanted. So I went to my wonderful new feeling place and expanded it as big as I could and then imagined a door. Outside I placed a welcome mat and turned on a light. I wish I could show you my daytimer! It’s filled  and I’ve been enjoying wonderful visits with new friends as well as deepening and rediscovering old friendships. The really cool thing is that I’m still feeling productive and even with going out several times a week, I’m still getting so much done at home!

FINANCES/SUCCESS: There’s no limit to what I can apply this expansion to. I’ve been wanting to see more money flow into our experience and since applying this, my husband has been offered a new (much higher paying) job. That’s exciting, but I still want to see more flow through me as I build my business and become the successful author I know I can be. I know it’s only my own limiting beliefs that are keeping me from it. So along with the expansive feeling, I added some more creative images. I’m imagining myself as a bookstore with an ‘open for business‘ sign in the window. I’ll let you know how that works. lol

Abraham teaches that before deliberate creation can happen, we have to get to the feeling place of what we want. This has helped me get there. It feels amazing. I’m having fun with it and I AM seeing results. What more could I want?



Comments on: "Expanding TIme" (4)

  1. […] a great time together. Rather than writing about our “time” discussion, please read Jeane’s blog  instead. I liked Jeane’s “ruler visualisation” and her application of expanding time, as […]

  2. Jeane – I love this post.

    I read it the first time you posted it and but recently, this lesson has “coincidently” been showing up in my life. In fact, right now, I have a Law of Attraction card on my desk about Segment Intending and how to expand usable time….

    Just today, I honestly applied this to getting my kids fed at lunch, changed into school clothes and out the door for school, without being rushed (which we usually are) by taking a moment and deliberately setting that intention.

    It’s SO fun when stuff works. It’s like magic. Magic that we can ‘do’.

    Thanks for sharing….

  3. […] a great time together. Rather than writing about our “time” discussion, please read Jeane’s blog  instead. I liked Jeane’s “ruler visualisation” and her application of expanding time, as […]

  4. Great post! Like the ruler “trick” and other practical examples. Yes, it is all about being consistent (something I certainly can improve in) and applying our knowledge so it becomes our experience. Thanks Jeane! Helena

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