Living (and writing about) the Law of Attraction!

A Song of the Heart

Book 2 in the LAW OF ATTRACTION Trilogy


A Song of the Heart…

 is a touching story of overcoming fear, learning to love again and live in the moment. A delightful blend of romance and drama highlighting the lives of two sisters, the author again works her magic as she intertwines the teachings of LAW OF ATTRACTION into a story that will capture your heart.

A marriage ends… 

and Dayna finds herself angry and confused. As she tries to hold the fragments of her life together and be the mother that her girls need, she finds her ability to cope pushed to the limit.

Facing death…

helps her to look at life differently and causes her to let in the people who love her the most—her family. As Dayna opens her mind and her heart changes begin to happen in her life. As she watches her sister, Rachael, living her dreams, Dayna is encouraged to follow her example and finds that she too can begin to create her own reality.


becomes the magic that draws her, not only to find her own connection with Source, but to a friendship that for Dayna is both rewarding and frightening. It is a friendship that holds the potential for so much more, if she can only learn to listen to her heart.    READ MORE…

Available on Amazon in Paperback and eBook formats


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