Living (and writing about) the Law of Attraction!

Life’s Song

Book 1 in the LAW OF ATTRACTION Trilogy


Life’s Song…

is the first in a trilogy of novels based on the principles of  LAW OF ATTRACTION. The trilogy follows Rachael’s journey as she creates her own reality and shares what she’s learned  with others. As she listens to the song of joy within, she is able to help friends, rediscover family and find true love.


the satisfaction and relief you’d feel in overcoming depression. Now imagine all your dreams starting to manifest! That pretty much sums up Rachael’s life.

Remarkable things begin to happen…

as she applies the principles she is learning on her journey to well-being. She discovers truths that not only brings her incredible joy, but open up an exciting new world—a world where possibilities can become realities through the focus of the mind. As she shares this knowledge with her co-worker Jenna, a friendship begins to blossom. Rachael helps Jenna to discover that the road from depression to joy doesn’t have to be a long one.

As Jenna allows herself to dream again…

she is amazed at the way her life begins to transform and her dreams are fulfilled.  READ MORE…

Available on Amazon in Paperback and eBook formats


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