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Insights from Italy (and beyond)―Day 9: Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik from the Ship

We anchored at Dubrovnik, Croatia, today. It’s a small city with an old town center surrounded by a wall. Inside were markets and churches and cats…lots of cats! Whether they had owners or not, I don’t know. They seemed to be carefree, lazing in the sun or sitting patiently by a table at an outdoor cafe, waiting for crumbs to fall.

contented cat

We wandered around for a while, waiting for the temperature to ease a bit and then ascended the stairs to the top of the wall. (The feat made us realize we don’t do nearly enough cardio activities on a regular basis.) It was still very warm on top, the massive stone structure absorbing the sun’s heat and radiating it up from beneath us, so we had to quickly devour our cones of melting gelato.

Eating gelato

The wall varied in width from two meters to four, with lots of different elevations―more stairs! We had views of the sea, the blazing orange rooftops, several lovely cathedrals and many tiny courtyards with lemon and orange trees, small gardens and just enough space for children to bounce a ball back and forth.

Our plan was to be up there to capture the setting sun over the Adriatic. We circled the old town one and a half times, not wanting to come down because the view kept getting better and better. The sun sets in brilliant shades of red here, with deep burgundy tones in the surrounding clouds. The picture is beautiful but the camera doesn’t capture it accurately. The sun itself is red like a glowing coal. Amazing how the same sun can look so different in another part of the world.

Blazing sunset

After more than a hundred pictures and several miles of walking, we returned to our room tired and a little sore, but satisfied. We had a great day and got some amazing photos!

Orange rooftops

Craggy cliffs by the sea

Our ship - Norwegian Gem

Posing on the wall

Red sunset

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