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Abraham talks about The Bridge

I first heard Abraham mention The Bridge at the Phoenix workshop in December (2011). It was in reference to Jerry’s passing and when asked they didn’t elaborate. I’ve been hoping to hear more, and of course when I ask it is given…I heard a wonderful explanation of it listening to the San Francisco workshop (February 18, 2012)

“The bridge that Jerry is making (for Esther) is that she knows the things he was interested in, the things that mattered to him most. So she can find those subjects and she can feel him blowing and flowing. She is able to accurately define the current existence of that man that she loved and that energy that she still knows is continuing on and there is no question in her mind, when she tunes to that, the specifics of that being who’s made his transition. Now that’s a bridge worth making.”

“She (Esther) can still feel the focus of his beingness, still feel the things that he’s most interested in.” (Here they relate the story of the Pines that block their view and how Jerry wanted them pruned. You’ll have to check that out.)

“The bridge Jerry is making for Esther is the bridge of eternal life, the bridge of eternal relationship, and the bridge of never-endedness.”

What I get from this is that those who have gone before us become the greater part of us. They help us to understand the connectedness, the eternalness of all that is. That’s the gift they give us. They continue to be a vital part of all that is and all that we are. The earth is still spinning on it’s axis because of their ongoing focus upon all things physical. The desires that they have carved out are still manifesting (to their delight) and our benefit. And we can have complete access to them, continue co-creating with them and enjoy them fully.

I tried to find one last quote. (I believe it’s from the Sacramento workshop (March 2012). A woman in the hot seat thanked Esther and Abraham and told of the love she felt for them. Abraham responded by saying (paraphrased) “Is it the love you’re feeling for us or the love we’re feeling for you? There’s no distinction. That’s the bridge.”

“It isn’t so much that Jerry or anyone from nonphysical perspective is bridging, it’s that your awareness of them causes the bridge.”

From the nonphysical perspective the bridge is always there and the love is always flowing, but we pinch it off by our grief and telling the story of loss. However, when we focus on a loved one who has transitioned, if we think of the love we feel for them, if we remember something they were interested in or passionate about, then we have access to that bridge, and the emotion we feel in that moment is the love and appreciation flowing both ways.

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