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Insights from Italy—Day 15: Back on terra firma

Venice at first light

This morning we pulled into Venice just as the sun was rising. It was hard to resist getting just a few more pictures of the beautiful city as we cruised by the houses and palaces, cathedrals and squares.

Venice has a magical feel to it, something that touches me deep within. Seeing this unique city has been my desire for some time and our original goal as we looked forward to celebrating our twenty-fifth anniversary. It’s hard to put into words why it touches me so deeply. Maybe I have connections to it from another lifetime. Maybe I’ll write a book with Venice as the setting. Who knows?

For me, Venice has been one of the highlights of our trip. I’ll remember our time here with fondness and highly recommend it to anyone.

Having just crossed the long bridge to the mainland on our way to Verona, I can officially say we’re back on solid ground, but as I look across the expanse of water, I can still see Venice, its towers illuminated by the morning sun and I bid this jewel of a city farewell with a promise to return.

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