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SOUL MATES by Jeane Watier – Free on Kindle March 5-9




From different worlds, Jace Rutherford and Cassandra Van Broden are an improbable match, but add a sweetly eccentric, psychic old woman to the mix and anything is possible.

In a story of unlikely connections, a friendship ensues between Jace and his elderly neighbor after she hires him to drive her car. Lady Sophia Langdon then summons her grandniece, asking her to write down something of great importance. A chance meeting leaves the two young people at odds and has Cassandra questioning Jace’s motives in working for her wealthy aunt.

Cassandra is awed by her aunt’s gift to her—a series of universal truths, simple yet profound. Enriched by the wisdom and excited to share it with others, Cassandra is devastated when her beloved aunt passes away before conveying the final truth. Jace, too, is shaken by Sophie’s sudden passing. Her advice has helped him immensely, and he finds it comforting to replay their conversations in his head. But when those conversations take on a whole new dimension, he discovers that the power of a soul connection can defy the boundaries of this time-space reality.

Three unlikely soul mates drawn together by the powerful LAW OF ATTRACTION.

My TO DO List Just Got Shorter!

I’ve found a fun new way to set intentions and organize my day. It’s based on Abraham-Hicks place mat process (See their book Ask and it is Given)

I was feeling a teeny bit overwhelmed one afternoon thinking about all I needed to do. The problem was I’ve been having some really early mornings and late (for me) nights, so I was tired and really craving a nap. As I lay down, I wondered how I was going to shut off all those thoughts. 

The answer was a clear vision…an open notebook with two TO DO lists. On one side was my name and on the other was the Universe. The Universe’s list was long, but illegible (I really didn’t need to see what it contained, I guess). My list had only one item…sleep.

Ahhh, that was the best afternoon nap I’ve ever had!

I’ve been using the process since, seeing only what I want to be doing right now on my side and consciously (or not) putting everything else on the other side. It helps me focus on what I’m doing without the weight and distraction of pesky nagging thoughts.

It involves a measure of trust, but I’ve seen more than enough evidence to know that the Universe has got my back, that things always get done, and that if I trust my loving, all-knowing, all-powerful Source, magic happens!!

Visionary Fiction – A New Genre?

I’ve heard this term before, even listed my books on Amazon under this genre with a general understanding of its meaning. But this past week I came across an article that defined it more specifically. Michael Gurian does a great job of not only defining, but promoting the genre, which for many of us is new.

He describes it asfiction in which the expansion of the human mind drives the plot.’

Mystical experiences, visions, telepathy, hallucinations, dreams, paranormal experiences, channelling, intuition, NDE’s, a sense of unity with ALL that IS, profound insight that brings joy…these are not just inconsequential things that happen to the characters, they are the essential elements without which there would be no plot.

Gurian goes on to say that ‘Visionary fiction has been integral to human storytelling, whether secular or sacred, since the beginning of our historical record.’

The reason is that the human mind keeps expanding. Our desire for knowledge and understanding never ceases, and storytelling is often the easiest way to convey new ideas to one another, thereby expanding consciousness.

Classic examples of visionary fiction could include: C.S. Lewis’ novels, The Celestine Prophesy (James Redfield), The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho), and Illusions (Richard Bach) to name a few of my favorites.

The term was coined by John Algeo (at the suggestion of Renee Webber) and can be found in an article published in the American Theosophist, May 1982. He describes it as a ‘kind of story generally set in our own world—cornflakes for breakfast, eight hours at the office, and an evening with friends or in front of the television. But visionary fiction reveals aspects of this world that are sharply at variance with the common assumptions of the man-in-the-street about what his world is really like. It helps the reader to see the world in a new light, to recognize dimensions of reality that we commonly ignore. It transforms our vision of ourselves and our environment. For this reason, it can be interpreted as one of the signs of spiritual revolution in our time.’

As a writer, I’m thrilled to be included in this exciting, provocative, and potentially life-changing genre. I’m proud to stand with others on the leading edge of thought, because thought is powerful; it is the ‘stuff’ that creates worlds. A simple thought can become a belief which can become a belief system which inevitably becomes a reality (however you choose to define reality).

Author, Monty Joynes claims that a ‘good novel has penetrating power to individual awareness because it involves the reader in the deep process of human character. The good novel is more than information, more than entertainment. It is a pathway to the reader’s subconscious mind. If the reader has immersed himself or herself in the process of the character, the experience is more than vicarious. It is profoundly real; and within the subconscious mind, the reality is not separate from feelings that actually occurred to the reader in his or her physical domain.’

I hope my latest novel, A Brief Moment in Time, will do just that. My desire is to entertain, to inform, and ultimately to immerse my readers in experiences so ‘real’ that they are profoundly changed. If I can help them to see the world in a new light, to view reality in an expanded way, and to deepen their understanding and awareness of All that Is, then I have succeeded—touching lives one story at a time.

A Brief Moment in Time is now available in both paperback and e-book  (Kindle) formats on Amazon and other online bookstores.


The Invention of…Lying?

I watched a movie last night. It was called The Invention of Lying. As a source of entertainment , it was mediocre at best, but there was a concept within it that intrigued me. The movie was based on the premise that there was no such thing as a lie, no half-truths, no fiction. No one even knew what those things were. People simply told it like it was – and held nothing back, I might add.

Knowing what I do about the Law of Attraction, the concept of ‘telling it like it is’ just doesn’t serve most people. They talk about what’s not working in their life, and consequently keep creating more of it. They’re frustrated because they can’t seem to get ahead and mad at somebody else, because it’s their fault.

The character in this movie was just like that. He was tired of his life, was interested in a girl that was way out of his league and had just got fired  – basically he was a big fat loser and people made him aware of that fact regularly…until the day he realized that he didn’t have to tell it the way it was, he could tell it the way he wanted it to be. Then everything changed.

He told the bank teller he had $800 instead of the $300 he knew was in his account, and they overrode the system and apologized for their mistake. He then went on to ‘win’ a lot of money at the casino, just by telling them that he had won, and he wrote a story that changed history and made him famous. He told his dying mother that she was not going to a nothingness eternity, but rather a wonderful place with a mansion, loved ones and an endless supply of ice cream. That’s when the movie started to get silly. I would like to rewrite it, in fact. I would focus on the idea that we can tell the story the way we want and see good as a result – not just for ourselves, but for other around us as well.

To me, this story was an analogy of how life is, or can be. As long as we tell it like it is, nothing changes.

“If you always think what you’ve always thought, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

But what if we started telling a different story? What if we started telling the Universe that we are successful, abundant, healthy, happy, etc.? And what if the Universe responded just as people did in the movie – taking our words as truth? That’s the part that really intrigued me. I was able to look at the Law of Attraction in a new way. I think that I’ve been busy trying to convince myself that the new story I’m telling is true and that I’m worthy of it, but after watching this movie, I was able to imagine the power of my words and imagine the immediate, unfailing response of the Universe.

I even got a little silly, myself, and imagined saying things like, “Yes, didn’t you know? I’m rich.” To which the Universe responded, “Why no, we weren’t aware of that, but thank-you for informing us. We have all kinds of wonderful things we shower on rich people. We’ve adjusted your bank account to reflect your status, and filled your stock portfolio with stocks that are ready to go up. We have several luxury cars for you to park in the garage of your new home. Oh…and here are a selection of trips you might like to take – all expenses paid, of course.”

Lying? I don’t call it that. I call it telling it like it should be – like it was meant to be. I’m a story teller. That’s what I love to do, but anyone can begin telling their story a little differently and  when you do, imagine that you’re met with an immediate, affirmative response. Then you’ll see change begin to happen!

All the Time in the World

I read a life-changing book last summer. I read it and then re-read it and then went back over it and highlighted some of my favorite quotes. It was called, Introvert Power, by Laurie Helgoe, Phd.

There is much to write on what I got out of that book but this morning I was reminded of the way she presented the concept of time. She speaks of  ‘giving’ time, rather than using it or spending it.

“Allow yourself to shift from feeling you have to race time, to feeling you have time – all the time in the world. And you will.”

This concept of time being abundant serves me very well. It’s helped me to relax and see life from a broader perspective, to know that everything works out, and that a feeling of  ‘gotta get it done!!’ only robs me of joy in the moment.

I read something more recently that ties in perfectly with this concept. I came across a wonderful little book called, A Passion for the Possible, by Jean Houston. In it, she offers some exercises to change our concept of time.

One is to imagine time as a yardstick (sorry a meter stick doesn’t work as well). Divide the stick into three equal segments: 12 inches for the past, 12 for the present, and 12 for the future.

Now in your imagination, shorten the past to 3 inches, shorten the future to 3 inches  and stretch the present to 30 inches. Now look around. Feel the expansion.

I did this and couldn’t believe how amazing it felt!. With my eyes closed, I was suddenly in a large room, and the walls were moving away from me. I started having fun with it and imagined myself doing cartwheels and shouting just to hear the echo. Another time I was in a wide open meadow and imagined all the details of the large open space.

The really cool thing is that when I do this exercise prior to writing, time truly seems to slow down – expand really, to give me more. I remember one morning, I had been writing away for quite some time and happened to look up at the clock, expecting it to be close to noon (based on what I felt I had accomplished). It was barely past ten!

I’ve tried it, too, when I’m enjoying a good book, watching a movie, walking in the park by my house. Stretching the time makes me more aware of the present moment, makes me feel in control of my world and allows me to feel more abundant in all good things!

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