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A Week with Abraham – keeping the momentum going!

How do I sum up my thoughts and feelings about a week with Abraham-Hicks at the most luxurious resort I’ve ever experienced, with the most wonderful people I’ve ever had the privilege of spending time with? I’ve been thinking about it this morning as I’m basking in the deliciousness of the thoughts and feelings still coursing through me.

The teaching was profound, the interactions uplifting, and the food delicious. The service was impeccable, the weather perfect, the views stunning, the excursions fun. The connections I made were inspired, the memories unforgettable. Everything was magnificent, but let me be more specific.

This is of benefit to me because I want to capture the details of possibly the best (so far) week of my life. Not only that, but by spending time this morning remembering, savoring, basking, and writing, I can keep the momentum going!


That was the theme of the week I just spent. I heard it spoken, talked about it with others. I felt it. I practiced it. I now understand momentum in a new way.

Everything we do is about momentum!

Every thought we think adds momentum to the vibration we are experiencing – whether it be good or bad (higher or lower). The exciting part is that we get to choose which thought that might be.

There’s power in momentum. We understand that from science. We know from experience that once something gains momentum, it’s not so easy to stop or change directions. Abraham used the analogy of a car parked on a hilltop. When it first starts to roll, you could stop it with a little bit of effort if you were standing in front of it. But stand at the bottom of the hill and try to stop it – that would get messy!

They also use the analogy of jumping out of an airplane at 30,000 feet with no parachute. “Hold on it will be over soon.” Everyone laughs, but we get the point. Trying to stop the momentum when it really gets going is difficult if not impossible. 

The good news is…

We can be more deliberate about it. We don’t have to wait for the momentum to gain speed before we take action. Understanding that our thoughts are attractive in nature and if not monitored will gain momentum quickly, we can take note how they feel and shift direction before they carry us somewhere we don’t want to be. It’s an easy practice. In any moment we can ask ourselves, “Is this thought adding momentum to something wanted or something unwanted?” Or even easier, “How does this thought feel?”


Learning to feel the momentum of our thoughts is a valuable exercise. It’s beneficial to watch (and feel) the momentum – even when it’s negative. Don’t try to stop it. Just notice how quickly it builds and watch it without judgement. Do what you can to soothe yourself. Go general. Tell yourself it will be over soon. You don’t have to deal with it right now. Everything will turn out all right. Distract yourself with a nap, a good book, or a favorite feel-good movie.

Once you’re in a better space, do what you can to build the momentum in the other direction. Deliberately focus on things that feel good, friends that make you laugh, foods that taste good, memories that make you smile. Get out into nature. Take a walk. Listen to music. Then tell yourself that your building the momentum on purpose and see how long you can keep it going (Law of Attraction will assist you).

Try it…

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll begin to feel in control of your thoughts, your vibration, your life.

I plan to post more insights from my week in Cancun with Abraham. Stay tuned!!




What I really want!

Looking back at how certain things have come to me, I see an interesting pattern. I determine that I want something and focus on it, visualize, etc, but even while I feel I am in the vortex, and have released resistance, that thing is still a long time in coming. Then something changes and my desire manifests. The pattern I’m noticing is that the manifestation is slightly different (and always better) than what I thought I wanted.

I think what’s happening is that my desires are so complex, having been added to and amended over time, that I can’t see them clearly. And often I focus on only a part, when the over-all desire has facets and components I’m not aware of.

Years ago, I recall Abraham saying something like: “If you put blue and then yellow into the mix, what you end up with is green.” The problem is we don’t know we want green, we still think we want blue and as long as we stay focused on blue, we can’t receive either. Blue alone is no longer a vibrational match. Green may come our way numerous times but we can’t see it because we’re focused on blue.

I know it’s just fine tuning (or my over-analytical mind wanting to figure things out) but I find this fascinating. There seems to be a point, for me anyway, where my understanding shifts and I get clarity about what I want.

I saw this so clearly last year with a vehicle I wanted.

I was to receive money from my mom’s estate and decided that I wanted to buy a new vehicle. The vehicle I thought I wanted was being held for me at the car dealership while I waited for the details of the estate to be settled. But even with my excitement over finally being able to get a new car and the knowing that it would happen shortly, there was still something going on under my radar, because things came to a halt. Papers got misplaced, letters supposed to be mailed never were, signatures missed on forms that then had to be resent. This went on for months!

Finally, the estate was settled and the cheques mailed out and wouldn’t you know it? Canada post misplaced mine (not my sisters or my brother’s lol). It tok several days to sort that out, but those days were life-changing. I just had to laugh at the whole thing at that point. I know I create my own reality and had no one to blame but things were just getting ridiculous. As I meditated one day I got a huge revelation.

The vehicle on hold for me at Toyota was not what I wanted!

That new vehicle came with debt as I was only putting half down (until that point I thought it was worth it to get a brand new vehicle). In that moment I saw clearly how much I wanted to remain debt free. It was even more important to me than driving a new vehicle. So I looked at used ones and found a perfect 2 year old vehicle, which I am now loving every day! A big part of that joy comes in knowing I have no debt.

I want to add that the vehicle I now have has features I didn’t order on my brand new vehicle, such as leather interior which is so much easier to clean now that I have a dog! I love getting what my Source knows I really want instead of what I think I want!!

A New Take on Channelling

I’ve heard the term channelling often in recent years, but what does it really mean? The dictionary has various definitions of the verb channel when used of a person:

1) to serve as a medium for (spirits)

2) to emulate or be inspired by, as in: The actress played the part as if she were channelling Bette Davis.

One website I came across defines it in much more specific terms: “Nonphysical mediumship in which the channeler goes into a trance, or leaves their body and becomes possessed by a specific spirit, who then talks through them. In the trance, the medium enters a cataleptic state marked by extreme rigidity. The control spirit then takes over, the voice may change completely and the spirit answers the questions of those in its presence…or giving spiritual knowledge.”

I know of people who channel nonphysical entities and I’ve never heard them describe their experience in such a way. Leaving their body? Being possessed? Extreme rigidity?  Esther Hicks describes her experience with Abraham as the most natural thing she’s ever known. The most complete sense of connection with Source she’s ever felt. To watch her, she’s very relaxed and comfortable and also very aware of what’s happening in and through her.

I know several people who have written books, channelling messages from departed teachers, ascended masters, collective consciousness, etc., and  I’ve even been told, after having described my experience in writing, that my books are channelled. I wouldn’t have used that word—not based on my understanding of it. Downloaded, maybe. Received, definitely. But not channelled.

That is…until yesterday. I was listening to a recent Abraham-Hicks workshop. An artist was in the hot seat and her issue was that sometimes she could create wonderful pieces easily and sometimes it was hard work. Abraham’s response (as always) was brilliant. It was also the first time I’ve heard them use the term channelling in this way. They told her that a vortex version of her painting is already complete and when she’s in alignment, she’s channelling, or allowing the vortex version to flow through her on to the canvas.

They went on to say that a great painting (or a great book, or a moving song, or a brilliant performance) is simply a revelation of alignment. Our Inner Being isn’t holding some image (or message), trying to get our attention so that we can deliver this long-awaited masterpiece or message to the world. It’s not about the result; it’s about the process.

“Collectively, creatively, and cooperatively you are allowing Source Energy to flow through you and the creation is revealing itself right before your eyes. You get to be the first one to witness the evidence of alignment coming on to that canvas.”

“The true art is the feeling of flow…It is the moment of connection that this is all about for you.”

This is exactly the way I feel when I write! I’ve felt it, but never been able to describe it.

My vortex is full of wonderful, delicious experiences. I’ve sifted through life’s contrast and put the best of the best of the best in there. I’m a creative person and I love to fill my days doing creative things. I love to be productive. I’ve long wanted to combine my creativity with a source of income. I didn’t just want to do something (as in a job); I wanted to be something (as in an author). Writing satisfies all those desires for me. But it is also the greatest source of alignment I’ve ever known. When I’m in alignment, I become a channel in which words and ideas flow through my fingers and on to the computer screen. I’ve had so much positive feedback from people. When they read my books and are touched by them, I believe they are feeling the same alignment that brought those books into being.

In that sense, we’re all channels. Anytime we’re in alignment we’re allowing the best of ourselves to flow through us for others to receive and be affected (uplifted) by. It may be in a tangible way that those around us can see and touch (and be touched by). But I believe the true gift of channelling is the connection it produces. This connection can be felt in the moment of alignment, and for years to come by those who enjoy the paintings or books or songs—tangible evidence that is nothing more than a lovely side effect of that alignment.

Visionary Fiction – A New Genre?

I’ve heard this term before, even listed my books on Amazon under this genre with a general understanding of its meaning. But this past week I came across an article that defined it more specifically. Michael Gurian does a great job of not only defining, but promoting the genre, which for many of us is new.

He describes it asfiction in which the expansion of the human mind drives the plot.’

Mystical experiences, visions, telepathy, hallucinations, dreams, paranormal experiences, channelling, intuition, NDE’s, a sense of unity with ALL that IS, profound insight that brings joy…these are not just inconsequential things that happen to the characters, they are the essential elements without which there would be no plot.

Gurian goes on to say that ‘Visionary fiction has been integral to human storytelling, whether secular or sacred, since the beginning of our historical record.’

The reason is that the human mind keeps expanding. Our desire for knowledge and understanding never ceases, and storytelling is often the easiest way to convey new ideas to one another, thereby expanding consciousness.

Classic examples of visionary fiction could include: C.S. Lewis’ novels, The Celestine Prophesy (James Redfield), The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho), and Illusions (Richard Bach) to name a few of my favorites.

The term was coined by John Algeo (at the suggestion of Renee Webber) and can be found in an article published in the American Theosophist, May 1982. He describes it as a ‘kind of story generally set in our own world—cornflakes for breakfast, eight hours at the office, and an evening with friends or in front of the television. But visionary fiction reveals aspects of this world that are sharply at variance with the common assumptions of the man-in-the-street about what his world is really like. It helps the reader to see the world in a new light, to recognize dimensions of reality that we commonly ignore. It transforms our vision of ourselves and our environment. For this reason, it can be interpreted as one of the signs of spiritual revolution in our time.’

As a writer, I’m thrilled to be included in this exciting, provocative, and potentially life-changing genre. I’m proud to stand with others on the leading edge of thought, because thought is powerful; it is the ‘stuff’ that creates worlds. A simple thought can become a belief which can become a belief system which inevitably becomes a reality (however you choose to define reality).

Author, Monty Joynes claims that a ‘good novel has penetrating power to individual awareness because it involves the reader in the deep process of human character. The good novel is more than information, more than entertainment. It is a pathway to the reader’s subconscious mind. If the reader has immersed himself or herself in the process of the character, the experience is more than vicarious. It is profoundly real; and within the subconscious mind, the reality is not separate from feelings that actually occurred to the reader in his or her physical domain.’

I hope my latest novel, A Brief Moment in Time, will do just that. My desire is to entertain, to inform, and ultimately to immerse my readers in experiences so ‘real’ that they are profoundly changed. If I can help them to see the world in a new light, to view reality in an expanded way, and to deepen their understanding and awareness of All that Is, then I have succeeded—touching lives one story at a time.

A Brief Moment in Time is now available in both paperback and e-book  (Kindle) formats on Amazon and other online bookstores.


Learning to trust myself…more insight

Another successful move.

Two months ago when we made the decision to move, downsize and all that, we didn’t know where, or how the details would play out. It was fun taking that plunge and it definitely involved an element of trust I hadn’t experienced in a while. To sum up, we found the most adorable garden condo…so private and quiet, and despite the reduction in square footage, we actually have more space. Much more storage and the open concept gives us more entertaining room. Four bedrooms means we still have an office and a spare bedroom/meditation room. Our MB is larger and our son has his own room in the basement. When I walk around the grounds and see the immaculately tended flower beds and freshly cut grass, I’m so thankful I get to enjoy that without the work required.

The move itself went smoothly. We actually got to start moving in two weeks early. We had already pre-booked Shaw to set up phone/internet and thought we might have to do without it for a while (eeeegads!!) but the hook-up was still live here so we just plugged right in. We had a wonderful cleaning company do the final clean on the house and lots of help on moving day. I’m looking forward to meeting my neighbors and discovering the parks and pathways around here with Cassie.

So what did I learn from this?

I learned to trust my instincts more. This was the first place we came across (found it online) and although we couldn’t get in to see it right away, Ron and I both agreed it felt right and after seeing two other places in the same neighborhood, we were even more convinced we didn’t need to look any further.

I learned that I have a long-standing tendency to stress over things way too much, and knowing this I was able to take time out, just breathe deeply, walk the dog, go for a latte, etc and simply trust that everything always works out alright.

I learned that my inner being knows what I want/need better than I do, so I may as well trust and follow the guidance provided. It saves a lot of hassle. lol. It gets me to where I really want to be much faster and without the unnecessary road bumps that inevitably occur when I try to orchestrate things myself.

I’m excited about creating some great memories in our new home. It really feels as though a new chapter has begun (a fitting analogy for a writer. ha!)

My new puppy is teaching me about the Law of Attraction

I found a really good analogy recently that helps me to further understand the process of creation. First let me say that for whatever reason, I’ve been creating a series of things in my life that are so close, yet just out of reach. Understanding the Law of Attraction, I know that I am creating what I think about/focus on and obviously what I’m thinking about is the lack the things wanted, not the things themselves. I also know that when the desire is first launched, everything necessary for the fulfillment of that desire is contained within that thought. There is nothing more I need to do, but be open to receive it. Yada, yada, yada…that’s basic LOA 101.

So why do some things come so easily, and some remain elusive? Or so it seems.

I wrote in my last blog about embracing instability. That’s part of letting go, being open, allowing my desires to manifest without needing to control the details all the time. But the other day I got some insight on the desires themselves. I became aware that my desires were not feeling good to me. They were feeling like nuisances, like inconveniences. They were a constant reminder that I was not where I wanted to be, physically or emotionally.

I have a new puppy and like all new babies, she requires much care and attention, nurturing and the proper environment to grow and develop. The reason most people get a puppy is because they want a dog. They have a breed in mind and have likely done their research or know of others with that kind of dog. They know (hopefully) the joys and challenges a puppy can bring to their lives, but ultimately their goal is to have a well-trained, friendly, affectionate, full grown dog. That may be the ultimate goal, but puppies are so much fun! I’m so enjoying this stage.

Suddenly I was able to see my desires in the same way. When a desire is new, it is full of life and hope and possibility. It starts all warm and fuzzy and if I linger on it, it can take me to such heights. But often it isn’t long before, I get ‘back to my senses’ and start to see the desire as unrealistic, impossible, improbable, unlikely or at very least, a long, long way off. Why is that?

What if I was to nurture my desire like I do my new puppy? What if I played with it and tended to it and smiled every time I saw it in my minds eye? What if I was more patient with it when it didn’t respond as quickly as I would like. What if I understood that it is in the process of becoming and actually enjoyed the time I spent with it?

As I thought about this, the Law of  Attraction brought more thoughts like it. I saw my desires as eggs in a nest. I saw myself as the mother bird, flying here and there, looking all over for her young. (silly mother bird didn’t realize she had to sit on the eggs, keep them warm and protected, before they could hatch) Our desires, like eggs, need to be incubated. They need to be cared for in the right environment. For me that means limiting who and how many people I tell about my desires (protecting them from the scrutiny of others); offering them a positive environment (believing in them, trusting the Universe to fulfill them, holding on to the joy they brought me at the beginning and milking that feeling); realizing that the time it takes for  them to ‘hatch’ can be a time to be enjoyed.

So I’m looking at my desires in a new way. If I think back to when they were new, I can remember the warm fuzzies, the excitement of possibly that they contained. I can imagine tending to them with love and positive expectation. Like my new puppy, they have the potential to bring me so much joy!

Insights from Italy—A reflection

Ahhh…jet-lag! It’s 3:00 AM and I’m wide awake. My body’s assuring me that it’s time to get up; my brain is clicking into gear. Some small part of my mind wants to argue, but it’s not going to win.

As I was laying here in the dark, I remembered a picture Ron snapped as we passed through the Alps on our way from Milan to Genoa. With my face reflected in the train window and a picturesque little Italian village in the background, it serves a perfect image for my reflective thoughts on our trip.

I’m sure more insights will reveal themselves as the days and weeks pass, but some interesting thoughts surfaced this morning and I wanted to share them here. A few days ago Ron asked me if I felt this trip had been all I’d expected. I hesitated, not wanting to sound negative, because in so many ways the experience had been phenomenal, but I had to be honest—both with him and myself. I had some desires, some goals for the trip that just weren’t met. I wanted to write more. I’d imagined spending delicious hours in some sun-drenched piazza, on a hill overlooking the Tuscan country-side, or on our cruise-ship balcony writing to my heart’s content, letting the people, the beautiful scenery and the ancient sights inspire a flow of words like never before. Despite the hastily scribbled notes in my journal during the day and then trying to decipher my chicken scratch and transform it into coherent sentences before I uploaded it to my blogsite in the evening before I fell into bed exhausted, that didn’t happen.

As I wrote before, it was no one’s fault but my own. I made my choices. I set the pace. I held the leash. Other than a few attempts on my part to counteract that, nothing changed. I simply couldn’t justify indulging myself in that way. This was first and foremost our anniversary celebration and I truly wanted to spend the days with Ron and experience things together. That I did and, consequently, I hold no regrets on that account. It will be a time we look back on and treasure for many years to come.

There was a sense, too, of wanting to ‘find myself’ in some new and profound way. It’s become a cliché I suppose, especially with books/movies like Under the Tuscan Sun, Eat Pray Love and even, Letters to Juliet, where women (the fact that they were all writers hasn’t escaped me) go to Italy in search of that illusive something. So it begs the question, “What was I looking for?”


Is it possible that I was trying to find myself because that seemed like the appropriate thing to do on a trip that was, for us anyway, so out of the ordinary, so grand, so much a fulfillment of years of dreaming? If I went there trying to find myself, I think what I’ve discovered is that I wasn’t really lost!! There’s nothing available there that I don’t have access to here. In fact, I write much better here where I have my routine and my solitude. The experience has, however, broadened me, deepened me, and stretched me in ways that will undoubtedly add to the quality of my future writing.

Suddenly, I realize that it was all it was meant to be (all that I created it to be) and more. We were divinely guided (and we both understand even more that we are the ones ultimately doing the guiding!) We enjoyed ease and effortless flow as we let the trip unfold before us. So many times, we ended up in just the right place, bumped into just the right person or stayed in just the right location. The weather was a cooperative component—mostly sunshine, but not too hot. Train schedules serves our purposes—no long waits. A desire to leave several copies of my novels in Europe resulted in us connecting with fascinating people (a couple of them, authors). I’m thrilled to say that two copies of each of my books are in Italy, one copy of each is making it’s way back to the UK and a copy of each stayed with a delightful hotel receptionist we met in France. Over-all it was a syncronicity that we couldn’t have made happen had we not been trusting our greater Selves.

So as I reflect, I see that I ask too much of myself sometimes, I tend to overlook the plenitude of small gifts that constantly line my path. I can never be lost, never get disconnected from who I really am. And above all home is a wonderful place—one that I will be happy to come back to again and again, no matter where I wander. Thank-you, Italy, for allowing me to rediscover such basic truths!

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