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Insights from Italy—Day 13: Nafplion, Greece

999 steps

The main tourist sight in this small city of 13,000 is a fortress high on a hillside. I was reluctant, having heard there was no way up but to climb the 999 steps. I decided to try telling myself that I could turn back anytime and not go all the way to the top.

As soon as we arrived in Nafplion, we were enchanted by the beautiful city. Once a colony of Venice, it has a similar feel with its narrow streets lined with shops below and balconies above. Unlike any other city we had seen, however, the streets were made of marble.

Marble streets

We were early, beating the tour buses, so on our climb to the fortress, we only met a few other people. The views as suspected were breathtaking, and kept getting better as we ascended,  so there was no point at which I was willing to turn back.

View of the sea

Arriving at the top was a major accomplishment. My adrenaline was pumping; I felt exhilarated and was bursting with energy. Again we took several dozen pictures before we made the trek back down—meeting the brave adventurous ones from the tiny tour buses parked below as we descended the long flight of stairs.

To sum up, my legs felt like rubber by the time be reached the bottom, but I’ll be fine. Some things are worth the pain.

flower-lined streets


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