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Insights from Italy―Day 8: Cruising!!

Sipping mojitos

In my mind, I hear Smokey Robinson’s Cruisin. I like his version of the song best. “I love it when we’re cruisin together.” I could get used to this life! As we leave Venice, the sun is setting and we have a magnificent view from the back of the boat. We’re sipping Mohitas, watching the Grand Canal, the tower in St. Marks Square and the Doge’s Palace slip away. From our vantage point high up on top deck of the ship, we notice a couple of towers are leaning, evidence that the city is indeed sinking. I hope engineering technology can fix the problem; it’s sad to think this gem may not be around for future generations to enjoy.

Leaning tower

St. Marks Square and Doge's Palace

Our stateroom is nice―a king-size bed, sitting area and private balcony. We’re port side, so we’ll have a nice view of the Croatian coast as we approach Dubrovnik tomorrow.

Our first visit to Venice was surreal. In a city with as many tourists as residents, we felt right at home. Most people we encountered spoke English and were very helpful. Getting around in a city without cars was easy and maybe part of the reason I enjoyed our stay so much. Cars whizzing down narrow streets, pedestrians having no right of way except at light-controlled intersections (and even then motorcycles will scoot right by if they can) makes navigating Italian cities a little stressful to say the least.

In Venice, people stroll. Very few seem to be in a hurry. There are a lot―a lot!―of dogs here. Most are the cute, small breeds, but we’ve seen some big dogs as well.

We sat at an outdoor cafe for lunch. It was fun to watch people pass and listen to the variety of different languages being spoken. I like Italian. It sounds romantic, no matter what’s being said. A simple red house in North America is Casa Rosa here…how pretty. Please is per favorè. Even a busy train station sounds appealing when its a stazionè del tranō. It has a rhythmic elegance to it. Then there’s the fun, playful sounding words like scuzi (skoozie) for excuse me and ciao (chow) for hi, then repeated two or three times (ciao, ciao, ciao) for bye.

Anyway, we said ciao to Italy for a week and we’re off to see three more countries. We’re thoroughly enjoying our time here, the wonderful new experiences and of course our time together celebrating our anniversary. Life is good!

Enjoying one of the ships many restaurants

Venice from the ship

Sunset over Venice


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