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Insights from Italy―Day 5: La Selva. A quiet day at our Villa

Jeane at La Selva

I was glad to have a day just to enjoy our Villa and the surroundings. It turned out to a be a warm sunny day, which was much appreciated. Sightseeing is great, but I love my ‘down’ time, too—time to meditate, read or write. It’s peaceful here, a quiet like you can’t even imagine in the city. There’s something about the old buildings. The thick stone walls could tell stories of their inhabitants over the centuries, but they stand strong and silent. It’s comforting knowing they’ve lasted so long and I wander about the people who lived here hundreds of years ago. Was their life much different? Living off the land, in touch with nature, harvesting the crops, keeping warm on a September evening beside a crackling fire. Who knows? I’m not a history buff, but it’s fun to imagine.

Fawn in forest

Even the animals add to the welcoming feel of the place. Two of the friendliest cats on earth welcome guests with a rub against the leg and if you reach out a hand, they’re your friend immediately, letting you know with a loving purr. A tiny fawn roams freely around the grounds. He’ll walk right up to you if you kneel down and put out your hand. Sherry is less than impressed, however, that he’s already eaten most of her September roses. I was told that wild boar might follow me if I walked into the wooded areas. They’re harmless, but I decided to stick to the roads and pathways.

Pool at La Selva

Our Villa - Libreria

Morning Fog

Sherry and Riccardo invited us for dinner this evening. I’m looking forward to a home-cooked Italian meal. Sherry’s from Canada originally, but having lived here twenty-five years, she’s fluent in the language and has melded into the culture.

Tomorrow, we head for Venice, after spending part of the day in Florence. There we’ll turn in the rental car and take a train to the city of canals.

Arrivederchi for now!


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