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Abraham talks about The Bridge

I first heard Abraham mention The Bridge at the Phoenix workshop in December (2011). It was in reference to Jerry’s passing and when asked they didn’t elaborate. I’ve been hoping to hear more, and of course when I ask it is given…I heard a wonderful explanation of it listening to the San Francisco workshop (February 18, 2012)

“The bridge that Jerry is making (for Esther) is that she knows the things he was interested in, the things that mattered to him most. So she can find those subjects and she can feel him blowing and flowing. She is able to accurately define the current existence of that man that she loved and that energy that she still knows is continuing on and there is no question in her mind, when she tunes to that, the specifics of that being who’s made his transition. Now that’s a bridge worth making.”

“She (Esther) can still feel the focus of his beingness, still feel the things that he’s most interested in.” (Here they relate the story of the Pines that block their view and how Jerry wanted them pruned. You’ll have to check that out.)

“The bridge Jerry is making for Esther is the bridge of eternal life, the bridge of eternal relationship, and the bridge of never-endedness.”

What I get from this is that those who have gone before us become the greater part of us. They help us to understand the connectedness, the eternalness of all that is. That’s the gift they give us. They continue to be a vital part of all that is and all that we are. The earth is still spinning on it’s axis because of their ongoing focus upon all things physical. The desires that they have carved out are still manifesting (to their delight) and our benefit. And we can have complete access to them, continue co-creating with them and enjoy them fully.

I tried to find one last quote. (I believe it’s from the Sacramento workshop (March 2012). A woman in the hot seat thanked Esther and Abraham and told of the love she felt for them. Abraham responded by saying (paraphrased) “Is it the love you’re feeling for us or the love we’re feeling for you? There’s no distinction. That’s the bridge.”

“It isn’t so much that Jerry or anyone from nonphysical perspective is bridging, it’s that your awareness of them causes the bridge.”

From the nonphysical perspective the bridge is always there and the love is always flowing, but we pinch it off by our grief and telling the story of loss. However, when we focus on a loved one who has transitioned, if we think of the love we feel for them, if we remember something they were interested in or passionate about, then we have access to that bridge, and the emotion we feel in that moment is the love and appreciation flowing both ways.


Back to the Processes!!

Last month, I was kind of negative on taking action, mentioning that Abraham doesn’t talk too much about their processes anymore. Well, now I have to eat my words because they’ve come out with a new DVD called The Processes of Creation. I haven’t received it yet, but am eagerly awaiting it – as I do all of Abe’s new stuff!! On top of that our LOA discussion group this month is on processes, tried and true techniques for getting in the vortex.

But this is where I want to make a distinction. I want to point out the subtle difference between doing to see physical results, and doing to feel better (to get in the vortex). For years, I diligently did all the things Abraham recommended: did the wallet process, kept a book of positive aspects, kept a creation box, tried focus wheels, turned it over to the manager, climbed up the emotional scale…and most of these I abandoned relatively quickly because I saw no tangible results.

What I didn’t get right away was that my efforts were in vain (or produced little result) because I did them with the wrong intent. One area I did have success in was moving up the emotional scale and overcoming depression. Because my intent in doing the processes in this case was to feel better, I saw results – powerful results –  in a relatively short time.

It’s been years now since I’ve felt anything close to depression. I experience joy on a daily basis and my life is magical in so many ways. But this past week I had the opportunity to see again how easy it is to spiral downward.

Thoughts are energy – each have their own vibrational frequency – and are controlled by the powerful Law of Attraction. So I understand how letting certain thoughts go unchecked can produce negative results quickly. But I also got to apply the processes that for me are tried and true.

My mom had a stroke this week. She’s 87 and has been slowly making her transition for a while now, and I have been preparing myself, but still, the news hit hard. The hardest part for me at this point is knowing we’ve never been close. I tried to distance myself a few years ago as I searched for my own well-being, and every time we were together, I felt myself being sucked back into that place I didn’t want to be anymore, so we saw less and less of each other. Token visits, guarded conversations, and me side-stepping the guilt pretty much describes our relationship over the past several years.

Anyway enough about that. What I really wanted to share here was how I observed this process – both the spiralling down and climbing back up deliberately. I truly was an observer and it was a cool place to be. It didn’t feel out of control like I did in the past. I knew I was choosing to think thoughts that weren’t serving me, knew that I could stop them, but I let them go – almost on purpose.

Maybe I just wanted to experience the contrast. Maybe, knowing I was in control, I took a walk on the dark side, just to see the difference, to appreciate the light. I don’t know. Whatever the reason, the experience served me. When I finally said, “ENOUGH!” and reminded myself of the truths I’d some to know, it didn’t take long at all. I reached for thoughts within my vibrational range. Joy wasn’t accessible yet, but I managed to find hope easily enough. I stayed there awhile enjoying the relief it brought as I imagined the possibility of reuniting with my mom – whether in the physical or once she’s made her transition – I know that it’s never too late.

She’s in Saskatchewan, and I couldn’t be with her but I imagined being by her side and holding her hand – telling her she’s not alone and allowing myself to feel the love that my Inner Being feels for both of us. Joy flooded in quickly at that point and I felt the connection that I’d longed for all these years. I’d moved up the emotional scale!

I also did another process that has served me over the years. I call it the power transfer. I first leaned of it when I read Busting Loose, by Robert Scheinfeld, but I’ve adapted it to serve me. It’s a simple technique of feeling the power of the negative emotion – I mean really feeling it in the pit of my stomach and holding it there, viscerally feeling the power that it seems to hold, observing it for a few seconds – and then with words of acknowledgement that I created the situation and ultimately hold the power, I imagine the power flowing back to me, surging through me and filling me, causing me to expand to become all that I am. It never fails to lift my vibration.

So I’m appreciative of the processes I’ve learned because for me they are tried and true. They work. I’m looking forward to talking more about his in our meeting this month and hearing others’ stories.

Join us: Wednesday Feb 23, 2011 at Self Connection Books. see to register or for more details.

The message of 11:11

I have been seeing 11:11 on the clock a lot. My body seems almost attuned to it. It’s the time I go to bed most nights and during the day I will often get up from what I’m doing and walk past a clock or look up from my computer at just that time. I love the syncronicity of it and assumed that I must be in alignment to be seeing it so often. That may be true, but beyond that I gave little thought to the meaning behind it.

Yesterday, it happened again and I sat staring at the numbers, so perfect and tidy all lined up in a row. It made me feel good; I couldn’t take my eyes off the beautiful grouping of numbers…and then I asked the question. It seemed to be speaking to me, so the obvious question was, “What are you saying.” The answer was as clear and simple and perfect as the numbers, themselves. It said, “We are all one.”

So that’s it – the message of 11:11 – profound in its simplicity and silently telling the world every day, twice a day, that WE are, indeed, all one!

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