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Talking to Myself

I don’t know exactly when I started talking to myself.  Maybe it’s something we all do.  But I do remember the day, several years ago, when I started writing these conversations down.  I had just finished reading Lucia Capacchione’s book, “The Power of the Other Hand”.  The idea of writing with my left hand seemed weird at first and when I tried, it was barely legible, but I was intrigued with the concept.                                 

The conversations in my head were an ongoing dialogue. When I stopped to pay attention, I realized there were different characters.  There was “Larry”, my inner critic. He was loud and at first he was the only one I heard.  But when I really listened, I heard a child’s voice – vulnerable, yet playful.  As I paid attention to my inner child and assured her of my love, she seemed to evolve into this wise, loving being.  I started writing down what I heard in my head and then as I got more proficient at writing with my left hand, the conversations began to flow naturally.  One day I wrote:

“I want to experience “God”.  I’ve always believed in a divine presence, but I’m not sure I really believe that I am a divine being.  Please help me to understand this.” 

“Oh, how I love you!  Do you remember the first time you were able to say that to yourself?  That was me.  You came to understand that and began to let my love in.   You could feel me.  I have been with you every step of this journey, gently guiding you as you were ready.  Don’t worry; I’ll always be there with you.”

“I like talking to you this way.  I feel your presence, your embrace.  I want to experience you as me though, not just a power outside of me – which is where I think I’ve always seen you.”

“I’ve never been outside of you.  I don’t know what that feels like.  I am you.  I experience life through you.”

 “Can you give me an example?”

“Think of a sock.  If you turn it inside out, it’s still a sock.  It’s not what’s inside or outside it that makes it a sock.  It just is.”

“You compare yourself to a sock?” 

“That’s as down to earth as I could get.  But really, if I am you and you are me, then it’s not what’s inside you or outside you that matters.  It’s you.  You are divine.  I’m not just a presence you feel, I am you.  I’m not now nor have I ever been separate from you.  How could I be when we are one?”

“I think I understand this, but I want to feel you as me – to have a life changing experience that, well, changes my life!”

“Your life has changed dramatically in the last while.  We could speed things up, but why not just enjoy the journey?  You’ve got no deadline.  This never ends.  I’ve been showing myself to you – showing you to yourself.  You’re beginning to get it.  Keep talking to me.  Keep the connection open.”

“Okay, now I’m confused again!  When you say ‘keep the connection open’, it feels like you are separate from me.  How can I not be connected if I am you?”

“A connection in the physical realm involves two separate entities, but in the spiritual realm, connection is like awareness or knowing.  Keeping that connection open is like being aware of who you are.  Negative thoughts like doubt or worry pinch off your awareness of your divine nature.”

“Thank you that makes so much sense.”   

“Now that you acknowledge me (us), we can get on with dreaming, creating, BE-ing. We’re here to enjoy life.  Remember how much I love you.  Bathe yourself in the knowledge of your divine nature.  Be all that you are!”


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