Living (and writing about) the Law of Attraction!

Hearts Reunited

Book 3 in the LAW OF ATTRACTION Trilogy


Hearts Reunited…

continues the story of Rachael and her family. This final novel in the LAW OF ATTRACTION trilogy introduces Rachael’s half-sister, Stephanie, whose search for identity and meaning takes her on a life-changing journey. You’ll be uplifted as well as entertained as you follow Stephanie’s quest to find not only her birth parents, but ultimately, herself.

A daughter says goodbye… 

to the only mother she has ever known. With both parents gone, Stephanie feels an emptiness inside and finally dares to seek answers to the questions that she has been silently asking for years. She begins a search for her birth parents, but soon finds that the all-encompassing mission takes it’s toll on both her marriage and her health.

She finds comfort… 

in her newfound relationships and begins to open up to the new way of thinking that her birth mother, Valerie, shares with her. Her birth father becomes a friend and confidant who helps Stephanie through her troubles. Rachael becomes the sister that Stephanie never had but always dreamed of, and a friendship ensues.

Stephanie comes to understand that well-being is her birthright and that her focus on it will allow it to flourish. As she begins to live her dreams and envision her future, miracles begin to happen in her life and the lives of the ones she loves.

The journey began…

with a woman, separated from the man she loved; a child, separated from her parents—all three had gone in different directions, but the Universe heard the desire of their hearts and began to orchestrate the chain of events that would eventually reunite them.      READ MORE… 

Available on Amazon in Paperback and eBook formats

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